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At Harry’s, we have a modernized take on a southern Alberta meat shop; All house-made Jerky to fresh sausages, we have many options to fill your dinner plates.



Natural Beef
Custom cutting

Dry Aging

We dry age select cuts to increase tenderness and develop intense flavour. The steaks are aged for a minimum of 60 days.  Bone-in Ribeye and New York Strip steaks will be deliciously aged, and ready to go by summer 2020.


Feel free to stop by to ask about our dry age program, or to drool – we have a dry age display in store!


Custom cutting and specialty orders are what we do. Need a perfectly trimmed roast or rack for a special dinner? Premium bones for broth or for your pooch? Whatever your stomach desires, we can make happen!

Custom Cutting  & Orders

Dry Age Beef