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Alexander Ross is the owner and operator of Harry’s Natural Meats. He was born and raised in Calgary, where he began his career as a Chef.  After gaining his Red-Seal in professional cooking, he decided to further his knowledge and skills by returning to school for meat management and operations. Alex honed his skill for years by a running and contributing to the success of a Calgary butcher shop. 
    Now, as a Master Butcher, Alex has fulfilled his dream of opening his own meat shop.  His local upbringing has shown him that the right way for animals to be raised is in a natural and sustainable fashion.  Harry’s is centered around his belief that animals should be treated respectfully and free from any stress. His love of providing his customers with quality meat is evident in every aspect of the shop, from the skilfully trimmed racks and roasts to the spectacularly dry-aged steaks.
   Harry’s namesake comes from two extremely important people from Alex’s life: his grandfather and his son. So you can be sure that when you shop at Harry’s, we’re feeding you like you are family.  Feel free to drop in and chat with Alex about your favourite cuts of meat, his background as a Chef has left him with hundreds of recipe ideas for you. He can also be reached by email at

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