our farmers

At Harry's, we source from natural, ethical, and sustainable farms. We feature both grass-fed, grain finished, and grass-fed, grass-finished beef farmers. 

    Ray and Nancy Nolan are partners in life and business.  They both graduated cooking college, Ray in Ireland and Nancy at SAIT in Calgary.  They met in London, England in the kitchen of the 5 star Dorchester Hotel.  They have cooked for the Queen of England as well as other heads of state and celebrities.  One of their proudest days was cooking for Nelson Mandela in the private Krug Dining Room of the Dorchester. They later travelled together, working in the kitchens of fine hotels like the Intercontinental in Toronto and the Hyatt Regency in Calgary. In 2012, they decided they were ready to start a family and lamb farm in Southern Alberta near Vulcan where Nancy's parents still reside.


   Now with a flock of over 400 Ewes, Lambtastic Farms is able to process lamb on a consistent basis throughout the year. During cold winter months and hot summer days, a 12,500 square foot heated, ventilated barn can house up to 1200 head of sheep, keeping them warm, clean and safe.

    Lambtastic's high ethical standards ensure all livestock are raised in a healthy environment.  They are raised without the use of hormones or animal by product feeds. Nutrition plays a major role in the well-being of the flock. The sheep have the opportunity to roam and live a natural life, feeding off the grasslands and sparkling waters. Their diet is supplemented with carefully regulated forage and mixed grain ration.

    A lamb's taste changes as it matures, therefore the Nolan's are very careful to process them at the right age. Lamb meat should be tender, flavorful and always healthy.  Lamb is an excellent source of high quality protein.  Lamb is a food you can feel good about eating because today's lamb is low in fat and an excellent source of vitamins and minerals.





Gemstone Grass Fed Beef

Gemstone Grass Fed Beef is produced by the Doerksen family. We are a 4th generation farming and ranching family situated in the prairie grasslands in Gem, Alberta, approximately 150 km east of Calgary, Alberta.


Our vision is to supply a trusted source of high quality grass fed beef to Alberta families. Using the principles of regenerative farming, we aim to improve the health of our land, cattle and the families we feed.

Good for our animals

Low Stress Environment: Animal care is our top priority. We believe in creating a comfortable, natural environment for our cattle, using low-stress handling and herding methods mostly with horses. In the winter, the cattle remain free to roam in pastures, but are also provided with wind shelter and straw bedding for protection during storms and extreme cold.

Forage only diet: Gemstone cattle are born and raised on our farm and enjoy a nutrient rich forage based diet with no grains. Why no grain? Cattle are designed to digest grass. Grains are high in starch and lower the pH of a cows digestive system which can lower their immunity. Grains also change the chemical makeup of the beef and fat making it less nutritious compared to grass finished beef.

What do we feed in winter? To maintain health and growth, cattle finished in the cold winter months are fed a mix of green hay and silage. Silage is chopped up grass, or other green fodder, that is preserved over the winter by airtight fermentation to prevent spoilage. Just like canning vegetables or fruits! Small quantities of rolled flax or malt sprouts may also be added for extra energy and nutrition. No high starch grains like barley and corn are fed.

No Added Hormones: We do not add synthetic hormones to increase weight gain. We allow cattle to grow and put on fat naturally. “Slow Food”

Raised Without Antibiotics: Our goal is to keep our herd healthy and limit the use of antibiotics. If an animal does get sick and requires intervention we will use antibiotics in order to save its life. However, the animal is then removed from the herd and the beef will not be sold to our customers. We are continuing to learn natural ways of preventing and treating minor health problems to minimize the need for antibiotics.

Bear and the Flower Farm outdoor raised free range pork is happy year round! In the winter the pigs live in a 11 acre paddock to keep them warm and healthy with Alberta’s up and down climate. To many people, they go ok…how big is that? To put it into perspective the winter paddock is just about 10 football fields’ big, lots of space. When you look into the winter paddock you cannot see all of the pigs without walking around. They find fun spots to play in mud wallows and root.

When summer arrives Bear and the Flower Farm naturally raised pigs go out to pasture where they sped time playing in the water and sunbathing. We electric fence the pigs in large sections of grassy fields. The pigs live 100% outdoors. They burrow in straw on cooler nights and also have huts that move around with them. 

At Bear and the Flower Farm we work with a certified swine nutritionist. Our nutritionist has helped us to develop feed rations that allow us to finish our Bear and the Flower Farm free range pork in a timely manner, all while keeping this process a natural plant based formulation. We take our animals feed seriously and want them to have the best! Our Feed is GMO-free, antibiotic-free , hormone free and animal by-product free. We work with Nutrition Partners out of Airdrie where they source our ingredients 100% from Alberta to create our proprietary feed blend, so that Bear and the Flower Farm raised pork is a consistent, high quality product!


Our feed contains:

  •  Barley

  •  Wheat

  •  Peas

  •  Linseed

  •  Lysine

  •  Flax (enriches our pork with Omega 3s)

  •  Limestone

  •  Salt

  •  Phosphate

  •  Calcium​

  •  Vitamin A, D, E and Copper

  •  Priobiotics, yes our pigs are fed a patented probiotic (read below)

  •  Everything is natural and free of GMO, antibiotics, animal by-products and hormones

  • Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. Every 100g of Bear and the Flower pork is .9g of Omega 3's