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Bone Broth

    Looking for the best bone broth on the market? Look no further than our made in store, gently simmered bone broths! Our exceptional flavor and heavily gelatinous texture make this some of the best broth you can find. 

    Our bone broth is carefully crafted using high-quality beef, chicken or veal bones that have been simmered for hours to extract all of the nutrients and flavors. We then freeze our bone broth in convenient 1 L portions, so you can enjoy it whenever you want.

    Whether you are looking to support your overall health or just want a delicious and satisfying meal, our bone broth is the perfect choice. We also make a pet friendly chicken variety with no onions or seasoning for your pooches upset stomach or dietary needs. Treat yourself to the best bone broth around today!

Bone Broth

PriceFrom C$13.99
GST/HST Included
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